Six Years

It's been six years--just a hair over, technically--since I started this blog. At the time, I was living in San Francisco, attending Stanford as a Stegner Fellow, working part-time with a valet company, and spending too much time reading Daily Kos and Eric Alterman, among others. Today I live in south Florida, teach college students how to write effectively, and spend too much time reading about politics, only now it's more on Balloon Juice and Pandagon and Ta-nehisi Coates. I also edit the poetry section at The Rumpus and tweet a lot.

Last December, this blog almost shut down. I was burned out on a lot of stuff, and I still have my mood swings related to it. I don't feel as impelled to blog as I once did, but that's a good thing because it means I'm making more time for the rest of the world--poetry, teaching, other writing, and just enjoying south Florida.

Blogging is dangerous in a way. There's no outside editor tapping you on the shoulder and saying "that's a bit over the top" or "you're not making sense" or "take a closer look at that date before you go on a tirade." You're just out there on your own, and if you say something stupid--and man, in the last six years, I've said an awful lot of stupid stuff--there's no one to take the heat for you.

And you can't really go back through your archives and disappear any of that stuff because it's probably archived somewhere, and even if it isn't, that's dishonest. I own what I wrote, even when owning it hurts.

I don't remember exactly how long ago I put a sitemeter on the blog--fours ago perhaps?--but since then, this blog has received nearly 200,000 visits and over 250,000 page views. Even in the times when I wasn't blogging much, we still got around a hundred visits a day on average, and there have been times, thanks to people who've linked to us (like when Batocchio subs for Mike at Crooks & Liars) when we've gotten over a thousand in a day. My honest and sincere thanks to anyone who spends the time to read something I've posted and especially who chooses to comment on it.

I have no idea how long I'll keep blogging--as long as I feel I need to, I suppose. Here's to another year of it.

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