While I'm on the subject...

Perhaps I'm thinking about crappy drivers and traffic because I'll start the commute again next week, or perhaps it's just a coincidence that I saw both these stories on the same morning, but after reading the piece below, I think I'd like to see more places take up this theory of handling traffic violations.

In 2002 Swiss voters approved a system that replaces prison terms for some offenses, including speeding, with fines based on your income. According to the Z├╝rich based Tages Anzeiger (english translation here), the 53 year old man has an annual income of more than $820,000 and is worth well over $20 million.

And another tip if you are caught and given a hefty fine in Switzerland, don’t make any big claims to try and get out of the ticket. The Testarossa driver was initially fined almost $90,000 by the local jurisdiction. That fee was raised to more than $145,000 by the next court. The driver had claimed diplomatic immunity saying he is diplomat from the Republic of Guinea-Bissau.

Apparently that didn’t sway the courts and the fee was raised again to the $290,000 fine.

“The accused ignored elementary traffic rules with a powerful vehicle out of a pure desire for speed” the court said.
I have to admit that when I read this story, the first image that came to mind was the scene from "The Breakfast Club" where John Bender and Principal Vernon get into a pissing match which ends with Bender receiving seven (or eight) weeks of detention, depending on who's counting. But then I realized that I was siding with Vernon and I felt old, which wasn't cool at all. But then I realized that in no universe is anyone who drives a Ferrari Testarossa as cool as John Freaking Bender and it all worked out. I'm rambling.

I don't know where I'm going with this, really. I guess I just liked seeing someone with money and power get smacked down, even in some small way, by a locality that decided he deserved a smack.

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