This Could Get Ugly

Scratch that--this will get ugly. You can count on that. After all, we're talking about a custody battle between two women who were once in a civil union--that alone would get the religious right's juices flowing. But considering that the woman who is facing parental abduction charges in the custody battle is now an evangelical Christian who has "renounced" homosexuality (the word the reporter chose, not mine). So, I expect that we'll see calls from the religious right for Lisa Miller to defy the court's order in the "best interests of the child," because they'll be absolutely certain that a lesbian could never be a good parent, certainly not as good a parent as a good Christian woman who has recognized the error of her ways. We'll see a rehash of all the old tropes about how gays are pedophiles, and there will be calls for the courts to intervene (even though the Supreme Court, no friend to the LGBT movement, declined to hear an appeal in this case).

I hope that the debate will be centered around the fact that Miller was defying a court's order. I hope. But if I spit in one hand and hope in the other, I have a good idea which one will fill up first.

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