A Modest Proposal

There's only a couple of ways I can think that automakers putting the internet on the dashboard of your car is a good idea. The first--and I'm serious here--is that it will force a leap forward in computer-controlled cars and massive automated traffic systems. The more potential distractions drivers have to deal with, the more traffic accidents there will be, and by extension, the more traffic fatalities there will be. There's no way we're going backwards and removing the potentially distracting devices, that's clear, so the next logical step is to remove drivers from the equation and turn the driving over to something else.

I expect there will be some intermediate steps--bans on anything that might distract the driver, for example, as is being tried (with not much success as I understand) with mobile phone use--but in the end, I think we end up with computer-driven cars, which would be terrific for people like me who often get out of the car after a commute questioning the collective intelligence of the human species. For the people who invoke that feeling, it's probably not a good thing, since control of their toys will be taken away.

The second way that automakers putting the internet on the dashboard of your car could be a good thing is that it could potentially thin out the gene pool of people who aren't showing the good judgment necessary for driving anyway. And I have a recommendation--once this hits the streets, certain lanes of traffic should be designated for non-internet capable vehicles, and one lane--both ways--for those which are internet-capable.

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