Luck and Circumstance

This is going to come off as real hippy-dippy, I imagine, but it's what's on my mind right now. The Haiti blogging here and The Rumpus has really driven home to me the fact that people who live in first world countries are incredibly fortunate and we have little to complain about, especially if we're in relatively stable economic conditions.

I'm feeling right now what some of my religious friends mean when they say "I've been blessed," only I don't ascribe my situation to God--it's just dumb luck or circumstance that I was born in the US white, male, pretty healthy, moderately intelligent, and that I made it to adulthood with no more scars than anyone else.

And I remind myself of that in order to make sure I don't start thinking I've accomplished something on my own, or worse, that my life is crappy because even when I'm at my most stressed, even when I'm at my most broke, I've got a life that 90% of the planet would kill to have, and I didn't do a thing to earn it. I just got born in the right place.

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