Haiti--Ways to Help

This is the post I put together for The Rumpus, which has a readership a thousand times larger than I do, but I figured it might be helpful here as well. I'm updating as I go.

I can't begin to tell you how bad the destruction is in Haiti after the massive earthquake yesterday. Reports right now are that the death toll is expected to be in the thousands and that bodies are being piled in the streets. I'm going to post a list of links for places where you can follow the news, but first, here's how you can help.

If you want to donate money but are a little short right now, the State Dept. has set up a way to donate via text message. Text "Haiti" to 90999 and a donation of ten dollars will be added to your next phone bill and forwarded to the Red Cross.

You can also give directly to the Red Cross here.

Mercy Corps is also there--you can donate to them here.

Partners in Health is already on the ground in Haiti.

Save the Children.

YĆ©le Haiti was established by Wyclef Jean and is also on the ground (though his server is really slow right now). You can also donate here via text message. Text "yele" to 501501 to donate $5 to the relief effort in Haiti.

The Mennonite Central Committee has been in Haiti since 1958 and is planning their efforts right now.

Mother Jones is also following the story and providing aid information.

Democracy Now! speaks with Edwidge Danticat and Kim Ives.

Richard Morse is in Haiti and tweeting details.

Some really rough photos posted through Twitter.

If you have suggestions for links to add, send them to me at poetry@therumpus.net. I'll be updating this as the day goes on. Spread the word, but also open your wallets.

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