Yesterday was Blog for Choice, marking the anniversary of Roe v Wade. I didn't blog at all yesterday, so I guess you can consider this my entry.

Scott Roeder's trial for the murder of Dr. George Tiller is going on right now, and much of the early commentary on it has revolved around Dr. Warren Wilbert's decision to let Roeder's attorneys put on a voluntary manslaughter defense, even though there's no guarantee the jury will be allowed to consider it. Roeder's attorneys are going to argue that Roeder believed that by killing Tiller, he was saving the lives of unborn children.

Inside the anti-abortion movement, there's a wide range of beliefs. There are some who identify as "pro-life" who also claim to support the finding in Roe v. Wade. We call these people confused. Others think there should be restrictions on 3rd trimester abortions but think Roe means the state can't do that. We call these people misled. If I had to guess about where the majority of anti-abortion people come down, I'd figure they're the folks who want exceptions to an abortion ban for rape and incest and the health of the mother, and if pressed would acknowledge that there's some inconsistency in their stance. They think abortion is icky and think that sluts who got pregnant should have to pay the price by raising a kid. Or something.

And then there's this woman, who gave me the reason to write this blog post.

A Roeder supporter seated in the public gallery grinned widely and swayed visibly in her seat as the gruesome photos were shown — leading a sheriff's deputy to quietly issue her a stern warning.
This is during the part of the trial when the pictures of Doctor Tiller's corpse are being presented to the jury. And while I will not nut-pick and claim that this woman represents the entire anti-abortion movement, I think it is fair to say that most anti-abortion activists have much more in common with her than they do with pro-choice activists.

Long ago, a friend of mine gave me this advice about politics: look at the nuts, and decide which ones you'd rather be lumped in with, because it's going to happen. That's a big part of the reason I'm a liberal, and why I'm pro-choice--because our nuts aren't the kind of people who would show glee at the death of a person who was carrying out a completely legal act.

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