There's Gay In Your Soda

Terry Kemple of Bell Shoals Baptist Church is boycotting Pepsi products because they've got the gay all over them:

"We would like to send them a message," said Terry Kemple, President of the Community Issues Council that is organizing a boycott of Pepsi products because he says it "advocates the acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle."

Kemple just got his mega-church, the Bell Shoals Baptist Church, to remove its 10 Pepsi machines and replace them with Coke machines, reports Tampa Bay's 10Connects.

He said that Pepsi donated more than a million dollars to organizations that fought California's gay marriage-banning Proposition 8. He also says the company has sponsored gay pride parades and commercials that accept cross-dressing and homosexuality.

"They (have) begun to utilize the money we've helped them build up to trample on what we consider family values," Kemple says.
In order to protect his parishioners from the possibility that they'll catch a case of the gay sucking down a bottle of G (née Gatorade), Kemple has replaced the Pepsi machines at his church with Coke machines. We'd tell him how Coke feels about the gay, but it's part of the gay community's long term strategy, carried out with help from their straight allies, to turn everyone gay, through the power of soda and snack foods. Or something. I missed the last couple of meetings and the email updates get caught in the spam folder sometimes.

h/t Sedmikrasky

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