Saturday Morning Links

I don't know if regular readers (do I still have those?) have noticed, but I've been lax in my blogging of late. On Saturdays, at least, this is due in part to the blogging I do over at The Rumpus. So I've decided I'm going to double-dip a little. Here are the Saturday Morning Links I've put together for your viewing pleasure (and I use the term pleasure loosely).

Here's the latest on the Google Books deal. Short version: it's being renegotiated.

I don't know what's worse about this story: that Tennessee Vols basketball coach Bruce Pearl made a Klan joke about Grainger County, or that the people of Grainger County weren't offended by it.

ACORN has a champion--an able one--in Rachel Maddow.

Kiana at PostBourgie provides an interesting rundown on the Sundance Channel's "Brick City," about Newark and Mayor Booker.

And finally, whatever you do, do not click this link. You will regret it, I promise you.

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