Pick'em Friday

Two weeks in a row I've gone 11-5. No way that holds up over the rest of the season, and this is the week it probably goes really bad, since I've got more gut picks than usual. Winners in all caps.

TENNESSEE at the NY Jets This is the first of the gut picks I'm making, and it'll probably go really wrong. The Jets are hot, their defense is stifling, and I'm a firm believer that if your answer at quarterback is starting Kerry Collins, you're probably asking a stupid question. And yet I get the feeling that the Jets are reading their own press clippings a bit too much. Maybe they're looking forward to New Orleans the next week. Or maybe this is all wishful thinking and the Jets will clobber Tennessee.

SAN FRANCISCO at Minnesota This will be a closer game than I think most people are predicting. Minnesota is the sexy pick, with Adrian Peterson and Brett Favre, but the Niners are built similarly, and might be a hair tougher.

Kansas City at PHILADELPHIA Are you kidding me? The Eagles defense is going to redeem itself at home, and the offense will be just fine, unless Reid makes Michael Vick the starter, which I doubt will happen.

NY GIANTS at Tampa Bay The Giants are at the top of most of the power rankings this week, based on wins over some over-rated opponents, but Tampa Bay is wretched on defense, and if you can shut down their running game, can't do much to respond.

Jacksonville at HOUSTON Week 1 I picked Houston and they lost. Week 2 I picked against them and they won. Sense a pattern here? Me either.

Atlanta at NEW ENGLAND This ought to be a good game between two pretty evenly matched teams. The Patriots get the nod because they're at home and because they'll be looking for some redemption for last week's loss to the Jets.

GREEN BAY at St. Louis The Rams might have blown their only chance to win a game this year last week against Washington.

Cleveland at BALTIMORE If I'd been smarter, I'd have saved that joke about Chris and Snoop in the vacants for this week's game instead of blowing it on the Chiefs game two weeks ago. Oh well.

Washington at DETROIT This is the week the Lions break their losing streak. At least that's what my gut tells me.

NEW ORLEANS at Buffalo This will probably be a close game. The Saints secondary is improved, but that's like saying the economy is better now than it was six months ago--it's a low bar to clear. This will be the first time they've gone up against two elite recievers at the same time, which could get ugly. That means, of course, that the final score will be 6-3.

CHICAGO at Seattle Had Hasselbeck not gone down, this would be an easy pick the other way, but Seneca Wallace isn't a great backup. I think this will be closer than it ought to be, but the Bears will pull it out.

PITTSBURGH at Cincinnati This pick worries me, because it ought to be a lead-pipe cinch, and it isn't. The Steelers have not been impressive, but they get the pick because the Bengals are, well, the Bengals.

Miami at SAN DIEGO I'm taking the Chargers because they're at home, but remember that joke I made above about Kerry Collins? Change QB to head coach and Collins to Norv Turner here.

DENVER at Oakland I'm going to pick Kyle Orton until there's a reason not to. Which will probably be next week against Dallas. But this is the Raiders, so I'm rolling with Orton.

Indianapolis at ARIZONA If these two offenses get rolling, the score could be 63-56.

Carolina at DALLAS PTI yesterday played over/under with 5 interceptions total in this game, and both Kornheiser and LeBatard went under. It would be great if Carolina stuffed it in Jerry Jones's face for a second week in a row on national television, but I don't see it happening.

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