Pick 'Em Friday Wednesday

I've been thinking of a new themed post for Friday ever since I gave up the Friday Random Ten, and with football season starting this week, I figured I'd steal a page from King Kaufman's old Salon column and pick football games, straight up, and see how I do against the pros over the course of a season, and against anyone who wants to leave theirs in comments or do some sort of cross-blog challenge thingy. You can tell I've really thought this out.

It's on Wednesday this week because for some stupid reason, the NFL has decided to open its season on Thursdays. That'll happen later in the season as well, and I'll deal with it then.

I'm going to handicap myself a little--barring some insane injury to Drew Brees, I'll pick the New Orleans Saints to win every week. Insane, I know, but I think they're talented enough to beat anyone in the NFL this season, and I'm rooting for my childhood favorites. I'm doing this on Facebook too.

So here are the games, with perhaps some commentary. My pick in caps.

Tennessee at PITTSBURGH
I know Tennessee won a lot of games last year, but Kerry Collins is still their QB, no? Plus, Pittsburgh's at home.

Kyle Orton isn't a bad quarterback, but he's testing out an injured finger and he doesn't have much in the way of support. Cincinnati is an enigma, but they're at home, and Palmer is way better under center.

Living in south Florida makes it real easy to hate the Jets, but that's not the only reason I'm picking Houston. It's just the biggest one.

Detroit at NEW ORLEANS
Even if I weren't a fan, I'd pick the Saints here. Know what these two teams have in common? Both finished last in their divisions. Of course, the Saints were a .500 team while doing that.

MIAMI at Atlanta
Not real certain on this one. The real question is which team regresses most from last year. Tie goes to the team that's not an arch-enemy of the Saints.

I think this is the year Carolina falls apart for some reason, and Philadelphia is going to be good.

Minnesota at CLEVELAND
Okay, I admit it. I actually think Minnesota will win this game, but I want so badly for the Favre era to start miserably that I'm picking Cleveland. This will probably cost me down the road.

Jacksonville at INDIANAPOLIS
I'll actually be surprised if the Colts make the playoffs, but it won't be the Jags who keep them out.

DALLAS at Tampa
I'm picking Dallas because I have to pick someone, but I'm rooting for injuries.

Kansas City at BALTIMORE
Remember what Chris and Snoop did in the vacants? That's where they'll find the Kansas City offense when this one is over.

San Francisco at ARIZONA
I think the Cardinals will regress this year, but the Niners haven't been good in so long that they don't get the benefit of the doubt until they earn it.

St. Louis at SEATTLE
Remember when the Rams were good? It's been a while.

Washington at NY GIANTS
Rooting for injuries here too. I just don't like the NFC East.

Chicago at GREEN BAY
Count me among the people who think Chicago got took in the Cutler deal. Aaron Rodgers proved he was the real deal last year.

Buffalo at NEW ENGLAND
I looked at this game hard after the Seymour deal, but the Pats are at home and they'll be jacked for the return of Brady.

SAN DIEGO at Oakland
Another one I don't think will be close.

So there they are. Feel free to mock them in the comments, or even better, make your own picks and we'll keep a running tally all season long. Winner will get something I have laying around gathering dust.

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