Not What I Expected

Scanning headlines this morning and I came across this one: Miami Approves No Text School Zone. For some reason, my brain translated that into "Miami schools have banned texting," and I thought, "that's a good thing, though completely impossible to enforce." But no, it's something else completely.

Commission Chairman Joe Sanchez suggested making it illegal for texting on cellphones or Blackberrys while driving in school zones and his colleagues unanimously approved the measure.
Does it show my naiv├ęte that I have difficulty imagining that this is so big a problem that it warrants this level of response? I'm still stunned by the idea that people would text while driving in the first place--I don't even like talking on the phone when I'm behind the wheel.

But it gets better.
State officials have yet to approve the "no text while driving" law, which has been shot down several times by legislators.
Who the hell belongs to the "pro-text while driving" lobby? Seriously?

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