Zogby Interactive, if you've never heard of it, is a glorified internet poll. It's not quite as inaccurate as the kind that pop up on pretty much any website and which people of all stripes troll gleefully, but neither is it recognized as a quality information gathering process either. I'm no pollster, but it seems to me that any system that requires people to opt in to answer questions is going to be decidedly less random of a sample than say, a random sample.

But people and companies pay for this sort of polling, apparently. I used to answer the polls religiously, but have been slacking off recently, so when Amy asked me yesterday if I'd seen the latest, which included the question below (screen grab), I had to check it out to see for myself. Yep, that's one of the questions, second page, if I remember correctly.

I'm really most curious about who would want an answer to that question. Ashamed is a really loaded word to use in a poll, after all, and you don't include a word like that in a poll question without trying to elicit a pretty powerful reaction. That's the kind of question you'd see on a Facebook poll. Well, okay, it's not as bad as this Facebook poll, but then again, I doubt even Zogby Interactive would ask "Should Obama Be Killed?" no matter what they were being paid.

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