Bill Posey. WTF?

I suppose an argument over which state has, per capita, the dumbest Congresspeople would be an exercise in futility, like arguing over which Cubs team has sucked the most in the last hundred years. But if we were to have such an argument, I believe Florida would be in the running, if only because Bill Posey is in the delegation.

His latest escapade involves healthcare reform, of course. He's not quite sure what he supports or doesn't support. See, he likes government run healthcare:

I don’t have a problem with Medicare.
but he also hates it, having expressed support for a provision that would theoretically declare Medicare unconstitutional. He's in favor of government-subsidized healthcare, as long as it's his own, but for everyone else, not so much.

These competing positions make him, well, like pretty much every other Republican in both the House and Senate (except for the "tenther" support, named after the 10th Amendment--no idea how many support that thing) as well as a handful of Democrats--government healthcare for Congresspeople and soldiers and old people, but not for thee. Kind of makes you want to slap some sense into him, doesn't it?

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