What is there to say?

I haven't been blogging much because I've gotten to the point where most discussion on major political issues is useless right now. Lots of people (including me) are applauding Barney Frank for his righteous smackdown of an idiot at one of his townhall meetings on healthcare--give it a look, if you haven't already.

And it's really great that not only does Frank bring the thunder there, but that it gets replayed on CNN, but the sad thing is that this is what we're reduced to. We have, on one side, people comparing healthcare reform to Nazism and bringing automatic weapons to protests and screaming at Congresspeople to "keep your government hands off my Medicare" and on the other side, well, people bogged down in minutiae over public options and co-ops and inter-party fighting.

About the only thing that would cheer me up at this point would be to see a Congressperson drop an f-bomb on the next person who, at a town hall meeting, compares Obama to Hitler, because that I think is the only reasonable response to such a person. When you make that kind of comparison, you've basically informed the world that you really aren't smart enough to be taken seriously. You have the intellect of an undernourished three year old, and no one pays any attention to people like that other than to jam cookies in their mouths and turn on whatever passes for Barney the effing Dinosaur these days.

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