Newspapers are crying left and right about how bloggers are parasites, how new media and the internet are killing them, keeping them from doing original reporting. Of course, when they do it...

The Sun quoted cut and pasted from our interview with Jill Sobule, barely acknowledging The Rumpus. If you’re looking for the line between linking to an article and stealing content, this would be a good example of the other side of that line.
Check the two pieces out side-by-side. The Sun cut the interview so that it sounded like Sobule was out to dis Katy Perry, and then mentioned The Rumpus once near the end of the article, and in such a way that it seemed The Rumpus had only "contributed" the last bit, as opposed to the whole damn thing.

Just from my point of view, here's how The Sun could have run the same story without being, as Stephen put it, "content thieving little sluts" (a reference to something Sobule said in the interview). First of all, acknowledge The Rumpus in the lede--not difficult to do, and done in most stories of this type. Second--add a little something. Don't make the story your own simply by excising what doesn't fit your narrative. Third--ask someone involved with the original story for a comment. It's not difficult--an email is generally good enough.

Finally, and this is how I teach plagiarism in my classroom--simply sourcing something isn't enough to avoid a plagiarism charge if you don't add anything of your own to the discussion. If a student of mine followed these tactics, I'd fail him or her for the assignment without batting an eye.

Update: Fuck Perez Hilton. He credits The Sun only. (He also caps on Jill Sobule while forgetting that he'd praised her when Perry's song came out originally, but given that he's a moron, that's not so surprising.)

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