Geeky phones

GadgetLab is running a piece on novelty phones right now, and I'm really amazed they didn't include this one.

We don't have it anymore--it got "lost" in one of our moves. Amy got it from her dad as a present, which was funny since he wasn't really a Star Trek fan until this year when we finally convinced him to give TNG and Voyager a try, and now he's hooked.

The phone itself was worse than useless. It was painful to use, and I don't mean that metaphorically, as in "the sound quality was a pain." No, I mean that sharp edges caused physical discomfort when trying to use it for any length of time. It would come off the hook at the slightest nudge, but the dial tone was so quiet that you wouldn't hear it for hours.

Fortunately, we've upgraded and no longer have the need for a home phone, so in order to keep the Trek phone alive, Amy has the Federation Tricorder App, and I have the Klingon one. Nerdcore!

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