What about the sexism?

Lots of people have been giving police officer Justin Barrett holy hell for the email he sent sent a Boston Globe columnist and some of his friends about Henry Louis Gates Jr. Barrett is likely to lose his job over the email, in large part because he calls Skip Gates a "banana-eating jungle monkey." But few people are talking about the rampaging sexism in his email.

Barrett wrote "You are a hot little bird with minimal experiences[sic] in a harsh field.... You have no business writing for a US newspaper nevermind[sic] detailing and analyzing half truths. You should serve me coffee and donuts on Sunday morning." And near the end of the email, he comes back to the coffee and donuts thing. "Again, I like a warm cruller and hot Panamanian, black. No sugar."

Now it's no surprise that the repeated references to Gates as a "jungle monkey" got the most attention--the "debate" over what role race played in Officer Crowley's stupid arrest of him has been (poorly) debated ahead of anything else over the last few days. But it's been a little surprising to me that almost no one has mentioned Barrett's sexism, even in passing. Racism is so much the big sin here, it seems, that the sexism doesn't even register. That's sad, I think.

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