When I got the news alert on my Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy that Governor Sarah Palin was not just not going to run for re-election, but was resigning her current post, my second reaction was "I wonder what RedState is going to do with this. My first was to wonder if she actually said "they're not going to have Palin to kick around anymore" or if she'd just leave that between the lines.

Well, RedState didn't disappoint:

The political pundits who are saying she couldn’t take the heat, so she got out of the kitchen, may have found a winning cliche to apply, but then no one has faced the heat Sarah Palin has been subjected to, largely at the hands of the political pundits now dragging out that cliche.
No one? Really Erick? You can't think of another woman in the political arena who was the butt of cruel, sexist, misogynist jokes, and whose daughter was also subjected to those jokes while a minor (as opposed to being an adult and advocate for a social cause)? You don't remember the t-shirts and bumper stickers from the 2008 campaign that said things like "Wanna see Hillary run? Throw rocks at her!"?

Oh, that's right--it's only sexist when it's one of yours who endures the attacks, not when your side is doing the attacking. I see so clearly now.

Anyone who reads this blog knows where I stand on sexist attacks--they're always crap, no matter who's being attacked and who's doing the attacking. I even defended Sarah Palin late last September because the press kept focusing on her sexuality instead of her positions on issues. But come on--Governor Palin has been in the national spotlight for what, a year and a half at best? Secretary of State Clinton has been dealing with this nonsense at the national level since 1992, and she wasn't even a candidate at the time. Let's have a little perspective here.

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