Oh come on

Let me begin by saying that I believe Governor Crist when he says that the thank you note his office sent a white supremacist for a copy of an anti-Semitic film was "an inexcusable mistake by staff in my office." All the elements are there--a form letter, a machine signature, the fact that Crist is running for Senate in a state with a massive and heavily engaged Jewish community. But you'd think that the follow-up might have been a little more, ahem, personal.

"Neither I or anyone in this administration agree with or condone the anti-Semitic content of this DVD," Crist wrote in a second letter that also carried his automated signature.
Puzzling. I guess maybe Gov. Crist was trying to lay all of it off on the staff? Yeah, they probably deserve all the blame, but would it be too much to ask to make the denial just a little personal?

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