Mark Halperin gets paid real money to come up with gems like this:

9 Pieces of "Analysis" About Sarah Palin's Decision That Are Flat-Out Totally Wrong
But he just lists them--doesn't give any reason why they're wrong, or even who's making the analyses he's dismissing so blithely. Here they are.
1. This means she can't run for president in 2012.
Take you all day to come up with that one, Halperin? Of course this one is wrong--she was born in the US and meets the age requirement. Mind you, so was I, though her chances of being able to raise the money to mount a campaign are higher than mine.
2. She would have been a stronger candidate for 2012 if she had stayed in office.
The only way this is wrong is if Alaska is about to break off and fall into the sea. Her governing experience when she was nominated as the GOP VP candidate consisted of some time as mayor of Wasilla and half a term as governor. She's added eight more months of governating to that résumé, and is quitting before her first term is complete. How would have finishing that term not made her a stronger candidate?
3. Republican primary and caucus voters in 2012 will care if she served out her term or not.
Some will, some won't, just like some will care that Bobby Jindal's skin color is dark and some won't, and some will care that Ron Paul wants to take the economy back to the 19th century and some won't. That's what caucuses and primaries are for.
4. This means she is definitely running in 2012.
I'm a bit surprised that Halperin didn't pair this with number 1. It's so obvious.
5. Making the announcement on the Friday of a holiday weekend was really stupid.
I'll give him this one. Generally, announcing this stuff on a holiday weekend means that it'll fall into the memory hole, but hey, it's Independence Day weekend and Todd Palin was once a member of that Alaskan Independence Party and besides, Rich Lowry saw starbursts during the VP debate, so it's a great way for Sarah Palin to keep herself relevant. I think I threw up a little in my mouth after typing that.
6. Until today, Palin was well positioned to run in 2012.
So is Halperin saying that Palin wasn't well-positioned to run in 2012 beforehand, or that she's still well-positioned to run after this?
7. Palin made the decision not to run for re-election all of the sudden.
It's all of a sudden, not the sudden. It hasn't been "all of the sudden" since 1590, according to the OED
8. Palin's rhetoric about the politics of personal destruction was not heartfelt.
I don't know that this really matters. Sure, she tried to use the politics of personal destruction when she was the VP candidate and then decried it when she came in for some attacks, but is hypocrisy ever really surprising in a politician? And besides, it's possible that she didn't realize how bad it can be until it was aimed at her--how she reacts as a politician from here on out will determine just how much she means it, but based on her history, it's not beyond the pale to question her sincerity so far.
9. Palin's ambition is limited to electoral politics.
Halperin's right. Governor Palin might want to become First Emperor of the Moon--of course she'll have to beat out Al Gore for that position, but if she gets the right Supreme Court...

Given the quality of the piece above, Mark Halperin, I'd just like to ask you something.

And please don't tell me you have people skills.

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