Christina Page at Alternet has an informative (if not surprising) piece on contraception and how it's becoming the new fault line in the abortion debate.

It's no surprise to anyone who's followed this discussion closely that the major anti-choice groups are way more concerned about punishing women for having sex than about reducing abortion. No major anti-choice group says it's pro-contraception. At best they're neutral; at worst, they spread false information like the birth control pill is an abortifacient or that condoms have a high failure rate even when used properly. Pro-choicers have been yelling about these lies and the anti-choicer agenda for as long as the debate has been going on, for all the good it's done us.

The reason there's a fault-line forming is because the anti-choicers who favor contraception in particular and expanding the social safety net in general are now calling out their more radical counterparts.

Ryan is committed to preventing abortion so much so that he, unlike every other pro-life legislator in Congress, spent the last few years working to identify the policies proven to reduce the need for abortion....As thanks for his outspoken leadership in trying to make abortion less prevalent, Congressman Ryan was removed from the board of Democrats for Life of America, and with it, disowned by the pro-life movement at large. Pro-life publications have taken to qualifying his pro-life status as "allegedly" pro life or referring to him as someone "who claims to be" pro-life. Because of his support of prevention in 2007-2008 congressional session, Ryan received a "0" rating from National Right to Life Committee. According to the pro-life establishment's new standards, his support for prevention means he no longer qualifies as "pro-life."
Reading that, you might think that it's the radicals calling out the moderates, but in the past, the moderates wouldn't have pushed for this sort of legislation, and they certainly wouldn't have risked offending the radical anti-choice base. That legislators like Ryan are willing to push back shows that they're willing to take on the wingnuts, at least in some small way.

The whole thing is interesting and worth a read, including how among Episcopalians, support for contraception nears 100%, which is higher than support for puppies and goodness.

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