A Business Opportunity

I used to like American Apparel--they were a company that actually made t-shirts and other clothing in the US (instead of in the Mariana Islands, where you can still claim the tag) instead of outsourcing to other countries, and they paid their manufacturing workers relatively well. Unfortunately, they're also owned by King of all Douchebags Dov Charney, who recently implemented a policy "demanding employee group photos from AA store managers so that he can 'personally judge people based on looks.' In the name of 'aesthetic' Dov is encouraging that anyone 'he deems not good-looking enough to work there' be fired. At risk of stating the obvious the store manager writes 'this is blatant discrimination based on looks.'"

So here's what I mean by a business opportunity. There are all kinds of progressives who would love to have another option for buying US made clothing made by reasonably well-paid workers using US materials. I want to buy what American Apparel sells, but not from Dov Charney. I'll buy from another company, or from American Apparel, if Charney gets tossed out. Just my two cents.

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