I'd be more definitive than that, but it's still early afternoon and we've still got the release of the Gates arrest tapes (and their subsequent parsing by authoritarians who will defend the police in any and all circumstances) and the argument that calling a white person a racist is as bad as calling a black person the n-word going on (TNC isn't making the argument--he's addressing it), but I feel relatively safe in saying that Mark Tapscott has written the dumbest thing you'll read all day.

Can you imagine the uproar that would ensue if the Vice President of the United States used the name of Islam's supreme being as a curse word? They rioted all over the Muslim world when a Danish newspaper cartoonist penned a series of satiric pieces on Mohammed, so making "Allah" a curse word would likely incite far more serious violence....

So where is the uproar over Vice President Joe Biden's incredible use of "Jesus Christ" as a curse word?

This is not merely a gaffe or "insensitivity." Taking in vain the name of the man billions of Christians for two millenia have accepted as the creator and Savior of the entire world is either a consciously chosen insult or the kind of unthinking idiocy that disqualifies this guy from being one heartbeat away from the presidency.
If this is satire, it's lost on me. Here, by the way, is the offending quote: "I can see Putin sitting in Moscow saying, 'Jesus Christ, Iran gets the nuclear weapon, who goes first?' Moscow, not Washington." Highly offensive, indeed.

Tapscott might not realize it, but he's really arguing that we need to be more like the religious extremists that Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld argued were such a danger to western society. He's not using Biden's choice of "epithet" to argue that Muslims need to chill out about the use of the word "Allah"; he's saying that Biden ought to be chased out of the Vice-Presidency, i.e. that the US ought to be just as hard-line over the use of "Jesus Christ." Screw that.

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