First, the headline: "City Cracks Down on Filthy, Panty-Free Employees." My first reaction--before I parsed the comma--was to read that as a moral judgment on women who go to work commando.

While it's sad that the employees of Brookville require a dress code to force them use deordorant[sic] and wear underwear, it's even sadder that the town's mayor voted against the measure.

The city council voted 4-1 in favor of the policy this month, with Mayor Joe Bernadini of the backwater town north of Tampa the only dissenter.

"I think in a way it takes away freedom of choice," Bernadini told the Tampa Tribune. While he noted that the dress code would bring more professionalism to the city, Bernadini said it seemed "a little far-fetched."
Okay, according to teh google, it's Brooksville, not Brookville, which is the kind of thing you might want to get right if you're going to refer to a town as a backwater and cap on the mayor for voting against a measure that seems to me to be, well, unenforceable unless you're willing to risk sexual harassment complaints. Seriously, is there going to be a town official in charge of checking underwear? A dress code is one thing, and the rules about "not wearing clothes with dirty words or images or drug use messages" and "piercings will only be allowed on the ear" aren't unreasonable, though the latter is changing as nose, tongue, and eyebrow piercings are becoming more common.

Can someone slap the stupid out of that headline-writer, though? He/She might as well have written "City Slaps Smelly Sluts." At least that has alliteration going for it.

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