Terrorism worked

There's really no other way for me to put it--the over-the-top rhetoric of groups like Operation Rescue combined with the violence of anti-choice advocates who have threatened and murdered abortion providers as well as bombed their clinics and harassed their patients have won a round. Dr. Tiller's clinic will not reopen.

It will be interesting to see how anti-choice groups react to this news. Can they celebrate the closing of a clinic without embracing the tactics that were used to force the closing? I don't think they can. They have to own the fact that they were partly responsible for ramping up the rhetoric to such levels that a violent response became inevitable. Every time they compared abortion to the Holocaust, they sent a message that linked abortion providers to Hitler. You make those sorts of irresponsible claims enough times, and someone is going to take them seriously.

Side note: I wonder how many of these same people expressed outrage over the ad submitted to Moveon's contest about 6 years ago which compared George W. Bush to Hitler? I'll bet there's some overlap.

I completely understand why Dr. Tiller's family isn't going to reopen the clinic. They've been facing down these terrorists for decades now, and that's more than anyone should be asked to bear. But in a country where there are already precious few options for women in dire circumstances who need specialized care, now there's one less place for them to go. The terrorists have won this round.

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