Stupid Criminal of the Day

This guy gives us the rare two-fer. First, he calls 911 asking for a police escort so he can get to the Lil Wayne concert in Miami faster, after which he is arrested for misusing 911. But this is even better.

The best part is that Kruse had nearly been charged with misusing 911 less than 24 hours earlier, after he called the emergency number to say he was feeling sick.

During that call, the dispatcher began to suspect Kruse was high on something after his speech was slurred.

"Are you sure you haven't taken something sir?" the dispatcher asks. "Because you're not making a whole lot of sense."

"I've been smoking marijuana," Kruse tells the dispatcher.

"Do you want a deputy to come and take you to jail?" the dispatcher offers.

"Why?" says Kruse.

"You just told me on a taped line you just got done smoking marijuana," the dispatcher says.

"Awww. Are you serious?" Kruse asks.
That is just awesome.

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