David Klinghoffer, writing for Beliefnet, has a theory about about what might have motivated James Von Brunn to be a white-supremacist-Holocaust-denier-gunman. After quoting sections of Von Brunn's writings--and I use the term loosely--Klinghoffer comes back with this gem:

No, he doesn't cite Darwin by name in the part of his book that's readable online -- the first 6 of 12 chapters. But do you get the general drift? And you want to tell me that ideas don't have consequences?
Now Klinghoffer works for the Discovery Institute--the dolled-up Creation Science groups--and his agenda is to try to make Intelligent Design just palatable enough so that it won't quite smell like Creationism. He's very bad at his job, it goes without saying.

So what's he trying here? It seems like he's suggesting that accepting evolution--because understanding the mechanism by which life changes and continues on this planet is not the same as believing in something magical--leads to white supremacy and Holocaust denial, among other things. That's awesome in its stupidity. Mind-boggling, even. Well done, Mr. Klinghoffer.

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