Not even close, Senator

I'm shocked! shocked! to find out that a US Senator has cheated on his spouse. That makes him, depending on who you read, about the same as anywhere from a third to half of men in this country. I've been pretty clear on this in the past--I don't think that marital infidelity on its own has anything to do with a politician's fitness for office. I don't care about it.

And in John Ensign's case, the hypocrisy doesn't even bug me that much, because it's pretty much expected at this point. Seriously, hypocrisy in a politician today is like steroid use in baseball--you presume the politician is guilty until proven otherwise. So I'm not going to get on Ensign for being a hypocrite or for breaking his marriage vows.

I do, however, take exception with this statement: "It is the worst thing I have ever done in my life." No no no. In the universe of bad stuff you've done, Senator, cheating on your wife doesn't come close to the top, not when you've got this to answer for. Breaking your marriage vows is piddle compared to voting to send troops into a war of convenience based on lies that has cost thousands of US lives and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives. You want to really go down the list of bad things you've done, you might want to start with stuff that matters on the global scale instead of the personal scale.

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