Here's the methodology for this post. This is the Memeorandum page for the moment when I'm putting this post together. I'm going to visit right-wing blogs discussing the news stories dealing with this story and link to and excerpt all of them below, so you can get a sampling of how this goes. I'm not going to cherry pick, and I'm showing my work just so anyone with a gripe can check it.

Macsmind: This is NOT the way to fight abortion. Nevertheless, Dr. Tilman[sic] is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocents during his tenure. He prided himself on giving late term abortions (that’s the drill in the baby’s skull killing). This man was a monster.

Becky Brindle: Nothing really to excerpt--she links to and quotes a lot of "pro-life" groups who condemn the murder.

AllahPundit at Hot Air: The murder of George Tiller at his church is a heinous crime, without any sense or justice. Regardless of how one feels about George Tiller’s profession, his murderer is nothing more than a domestic terrorist — someone attempting to impose by force a policy that one cannot get in place through democratic means.

Kathryn Jean Lopez at The Corner: Pretty much what Becky Brindle did.

The Strata-Sphere: What I am sure of is the man was not gunned down on the way to church by some radical pro-abortion nutcase. The ‘true conservative’ drama queens can pretend all day long they are the victims of concern with right wing extremists, but as I pointed out when this DHS mess came out, the track record for pro lifers under democrat presidents is damn violent and conservatives would pay a price if the violent right woke up again:

Sister Toldjah: First things first, whether or not the person who murdered Tiller was a “pro-life Christianist” or not, I join other conservative bloggers who are stating without hesitation that Tiller’s murderer deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and that the death penalty should be on the table. Even if he/she was/is a “pro-life Christianist,” this isn’t the wild, wild West anymore, and this isn’t the way that a civilized society resolves its differences.

Stop the ACLU: Last time I checked, Tiller had killed thousands of babies, including with his ever-popular on the left “Late Term Abortion” procedure. I typically do not get involved in the whole abortion on demand issue except for two things, one of them being late term abortions (the other is parental notification.) I’m not sure if I would categorize Terry’s statement as “disgustion.”

Politics and Critical Thinking:
These type of progressives are hypocritical caricatures of reality. They, like this murderer, represent the worst in all of us and the stupidity that gives them the ability to disgrace themselves in this manner is truly unbound. For once have a shred of decency, let this man rest in peace, let the murderer hang, and for Godsakes leave the families alone and let them grieve.

The Blog Prof: Capital punishment for whoever was responsible. Murder is is murder. But kooks like Andrew Sullivan attacking Christians and conservatives right off the bat is about as low as it gets. The guy's blood isn't even dry yet. Of course, this comes from the party that turned Paul Wellstone's memorial service into a campaign speech, but anyway. Not only did Andrew Sullivan call out O'Reilly, he also painted the entire conservative community as "Christianist terrorist" that were the same as "Islamic terrorists." Nice...

Free Republic: Enter the comment thread at your own risk. It's an especially dark place.

Don Surber: Just a recap of the story.

Pat Dollard: Reposts a story from

Scared Monkeys: Although we certainly do not condone assassinations of people, no matter how much we disagree with what they are doing. We also disagree with the LEFT’s blaming conservative commentators with this man’s death. Here is a video of Bill O’Reilly doing a segmnet of “Tiller, the baby killer”. When one participates in such a controversial and heinous act like late term abortions, one puts them self knowingly at risk.

Say Anything: I’m not a believer in abortion. I’m also not a believer in murder. This accomplishes absolutely nothing except to bring condemnation upon anti-abortionists everywhere. The matter should have been discussed in the realm of public opinion and eventually settled in a court of law, not at the business end of a gun. This will cause more bitterness, hatred, and problems than it will ever solve.

My sympathies to his family - yes, even despicable partial birth abortion operatives have innocent family.



Blue Crab Boulevard: I’m on record as being against so-called late-term abortions. I regard them as nothing more than infanticide.

But I also do not, in any way, condone the murder of others you disagree with.

Marathon Pundit: Just recitations of facts about Dr. Tiller

Winds of Change: This is terrorism, pure and simple, and the federal government needs to devote antiterror resources to solving this crime and shutting down the people who committed and supported it.

Jillian Bandes at TownHall: Posts the NLRC condemnation.

Wizbang: If the suspect turns out to be an anti-abortion activist, this will give the Obama administration and Janet Napolitano's DHS the excuse to view all pro-lifers through the same lens as Tiller's murderer, which means pro-lifers will be labeled terrorists. Now there will be an even greater push to equate Christians with radical Islamists, as Hugh has already pointed out is taking place now. Unfortunately, there will not be a call for tolerance toward Christians as there has been for Muslims, even though 25% of young American Muslims believe suicide bombings are sometimes justified.

Newsbusters: As NewsBusters readers are well aware, taking a tragedy and turning it into an opportunity to slander conservatives is hardly a new concept. And the left has not hesitated in celebrating the murder of George Tiller, yes celebrated, by pretending that it is actually the right which is basking in the all-around tragic story.

Mr. Ed at RedState: I find it highly likely that this was a politically-motivated shooting. It is entirely the wrong thing to do though, achieves nothing to save lives, and must be prosecuted vigorously. The rule of law matters. After all, how could we even enforce abortion laws if we can’t enforce murder laws?

Bits Blog: OK make that eight murders since 1993. If this represents an organized campaign of terror, it is barely detectable, and given the circa one million abortions a year, totally ineffective. I cite NARAL, because I assume they have no reason to understate the magnitude of anti-abortion violence.

Robert P. George at The Corner: Whoever murdered George Tiller has done a gravely wicked thing. The evil of this action is in no way diminished by the blood George Tiller had on his own hands. No private individual had the right to execute judgment against him.

John McCormack at The Weekly Standard: Quotes Robert George from The Corner

Sweetness & Light: Now any criticism of Ms. Sotomayor, no matter how justified, will be met with words to the effect that “that is the kind of rhetoric got George Tiller killed.”

American Power: But let me state unequivocally here: The death of George Tiller is a tragedy. His killers should be brought to justice and the death penalty should be on the table. But Andrew Sullivan is sick man to use this murder for political purposes. The blood of the killing's not even dry, and Sullivan's already smeared the entire conservative movement as a coalition of murderers.

More from Sister Toldjah: Here’s another thing to keep in mind in the weeks to come as the left and the mainstream media continue their campaigns to smear all pro-lifers for the actions of a few: Bill Ayers was an unrepentant domestic terrorist, too, and he and Barack Obama had more than just a “passing neighbor on the street” association while Obama was a rising star in Chicago/Illinois politics.

Robert Stacy McCain: One reason I so despise such criminal idiocy is that, as a student of history, I cannot think of a single instance in which assassination has produced anything good, no matter how evil or misguided the victim, nor how well-intentioned or malevolent the assassin.

That's most of them--I might have missed a couple. And I have to say that I'm glad most proved themselves to be at least marginally human about this murder. I have to emphasize the marginally, though, because while many of those who condemned the murder also went out of their way to make sure everyone knew they thought Dr. Tiller was a mass murderer as well. Others framed it through the lens of "how will this harm our movement" instead of just condemning the violence. And others, as you saw, were practically gleeful about it. Seriously, wear a gas mask if you go into that Free Republic thread.

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