Mac Ranger is an idiot

When I posted my list of right wing blog reactions to the murder of Dr. George Tiller yesterday, a blog named Macsmind was at the top of the list. I really didn't have any plans to do this sort of a post today, but this one by Mac Ranger is so over the top and full of inaccuracies that I decided to take it on. Sing along if you know the words:

When you read of the atrocities of Tiller, documented and factual, you wonder why such a monster is so celebrated by the left? How much does one have to hate babies to pull them from a mother’s womb, fully developed, tearing their limbs asunder, and drilling holes in their head to insure death.

How is that not “hate”?
The vast majority of abortions Dr. Tiller provided were for women who really didn't want to get one but either had a fetus with extraordinary birth defects or had a dead fetus inside them. Giving a woman the medical care she needs is not an atrocity--making it near impossible for her to get it is. Here's a news flash for you, Mac Ranger: you can make any medical procedure sound like torture if you phrase it correctly, but it doesn't make you honest. You and your fellow forced-pregnancy advocates are trying to make it seem like Dr. Tiller went around getting his jollies performing late-term abortions, and then using that to mollify what should be horror at his murder.
Of course it is, of the worst kind - and I’ll say it again - we cannot condone the wanton killing of Tiller, just as we should never condone the killing of the young. But while even some of our friends on the right struggle with the balance let us ask, just when is killing “justified”? If you ask the left they will no doubt provide many examples as they continually make excuses for the murderers in our midst such as William Tookie, Fidel Castro, Chairman Mao, and even - yeah - Hilter. When a thug like Tookie Williams literally blew away three innocent people, the left excused it by referring to a battered childhood.
I'll tell you, you can't click on a left-wing blog without being inundated with people making excuses for Tookie Williams, Castro, Mao and Hilter(ha!). Where's the Pol Pot love?
Note that for them - indeed the culture of death - there is never morning for the victims, only the perp.
Victims work the lunch shift--that's the deal. Perps always handle the breakfast rush.
Remember how they celebrated the mocked assassination of President Bush? With pomp and ceremony. Had the victim been Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh they would have called the day a holiday and hoisted the assassin in honor.
Man,I remember how Death of a President opened on 3,200 screens and took in $200 million in the opening weekend. That shit was dope! I saw it three times, the last time in IMAX 3-D! Or maybe that was Harry Potter.

In all seriousness, if Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh were assassinated, I wouldn't shed a tear. I would hope the authorities caught and punished whoever committed the crime, but I certainly wouldn't hoist the assassin in honor. And I suspect that not many anti-abortion folks will be starting Scott Roeder fan clubs, because I don't believe that most people are monsters, and I try not to caricature people I disagree with, unlike some bloggers. Okay, back to the snark.
What a strange and twisted sense of justice.
That's my superhero name--Strange Twisted Justice. I trap criminals with a lariat made out of orange-flavored Twizzlers and hypnotize them with the twirly-eye glasses I got from a cereal box when I was nine.
While I don’t condemn murder of any kind, we cannot deny the sense that God is right when he said, “As a man sows shall he reap”. Tiller reaped death and so received it, as violently and abruptly as he gave it out. Whether it had been at the hand of a crazed murderer - yes one act is as bad a the other - or by natural causes he will stand before God, and all the children whose lives he snuffed and give account.
Should I give him the benefit of the doubt and say he meant "condone" instead of "condemn"? I'm taking a screen grab just in case he changes it. Anyone else get the feeling that Mac Ranger actually got a stubbie when he first heard about Dr. Tiller's murder and is only writing this stuff in order to keep from seeming like a total monster?
I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.
Have you seen that's guy's shoes? No fashion sense.

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