Finding a pizza in Fort Lauderdale with good toppings isn't difficult, and that shouldn't be surprising--good toppings are easy. Just use quality ingredients and use them in good measure. The tricky thing with any pizza is the crust, finding that balance between crunchy and chewy, especially when it comes to leftovers--a good crust holds up to the ingredients. It's the crust that sets Franco & Vinny's apart from other pizza places in Fort Lauderdale.

The restaurant itself is old-Florida decor, located on Sunrise Blvd. just west of A1A, and the beer selection is poor, but that's okay, because the wine is fine. It's available by the glass, the bottle, the carafe and half-carafe, and the house wine is good for the price. The dinners are all tasty, but the real draw is the pizza, and you have to go there to get it because there's no delivery (which is a good thing, because I might eat it every week otherwise). The crust is the best I've found in south Florida, which I realize isn't a tough bar to clear, but you take on the competition you have, and Franco & Vinny's beats the local competition.

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