Okay, okay, I know. This is south Florida, and we rival NASCAR for what's considered safe following distance, but trust me, if you see someone sporting a homemade license plate, you probably want to ease off a bit. And don't touch the horn.

The homemade license plate is a favorite ploy of garden-variety tax evaders — like the Washitaw Nation — seeking to make a quick buck by getting “registry fees” from slightly more gullible tax-evaders. We won’t bother to ask why folks who don’t recognize government authority need a license plate in the first place, let alone why they’d set up a bureaucracy to extort fees from their fellow (free) man.

While the plates may seem comical to casual observers, for law enforcement, they’re a warning sign.

Back in the late ’90s, when the militia movement was in full swing, Militia Watchdog founder Mark Pitcavage warned police who pulled over cars with homemade plates that the driver may view them as a “symbol of all the perceived oppression and tyranny” they have encountered.”The officer now represents virtually all of ‘Government’,” he wrote.

One of the folks who got pulled over back then was Scott Roeder, now accused in the shooting death of abortion provider Dr. George Tiller. McClatchy reports he was stopped in 1996 for driving a car with plates reading “Sovereign private property. Immunity declared by law. Non-commercial American.”
I could turn this post into a snark fest about how the contradictions the Wired author above pointed out are legion in this movement, but hey, these people are also often armed and crazy, and I
think I'll just give them a wide berth instead.

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