And there's the other one

Quite often I find myself disappointed in the two Senators from Florida--Bill Nelson and Mel Martinez are no prize by any definition--but at least they're not the pair from Oklahoma. I wrote earlier today about James Inhofe's unwillingness to even consider Sonia Sotomayor's fitness to be on the Supreme Court, but I guess Tom Coburn decided he wanted to be the most hardheaded Senator from Oklahoma today.

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) has now signed up with the Birther cause -- the people who think Barack Obama isn't a natural-born citizen and should be required to produce a birth certificate (which he already did, anyway) -- World Net Daily reports.

Coburn has now voiced his support for a bill offered by Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL) and five House co-sponsors so far. "The bill requires any federal candidates' campaign committee filing with the Federal Election Commission to produce a copy of the candidate's birth certificate," wrote Coburn. "If the bill makes it to the Senate, I will likely support it."
When Florida Rep. Bill Posey introduced the bill in the House, Stephen Colbert famously questioned his parentage and suggested Posey was part alligator. What animal might Coburn be related to? I'm guessing the PUMA.

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