Weak Sauce

This will be my only post even tangentially related to the ridiculousness over Carrie Prejean, aka Miss California. The news this morning was that Shanna Moakler, a former Playboy model, has resigned from her position as Miss California USA Executive Director, saying "I cannot with a clear conscious [sic] move forward supporting and promoting the Miss Universe Organization when I no longer believe in it, or the contracts I signed committing myself as a youth." No real detail as to why she came to this decision, though I expect she'll be asked to clarify at some point. But that's not stopping Robert Stacy McCain from coming with the weak sauce.

Thank you, Miss December 2001 and divorced mom. As "a role model for young women," your quest for another reality-TV contract and friendship with Perez Hilton will surely be an inspiration to millions.
What is it, do you suppose, that bugs him more--that she started her career getting naked for the pleasure of men much like him and yet hasn't been sufficiently ashamed of herself for his liking, or that she's divorced, and therefore isn't submissive enough to the men in her life? Weak, either way.

I have to admit, though, that the slap at the divorced mom part bothers me more. The sneering "Miss December 2001" is just the typical Christian-Taliban fetishization of women as purity objects garbage that none but the most hardcore are even bothering with anymore. But going after her because she's a divorced mom, when there are millions of divorced moms in this country of all political leanings? Is there really any shame in being divorced these days? Certainly not if you're a Republican politician, but I guess if you're the former Executive Director for Miss California USA who wandered into Robert Stacy McCain's line of fire because you just might possibly disagree with what's been happening at your place of business--and the statement is ambiguous in all the ways you'd expect, by the way--then I guess being a divorced mom makes you the sluttiest slut in all the slutty world. I'm sure Ms. Moakler is going to lay awake nights wondering how she can redeem herself in McCain's eyes.

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