Seriously, Lupica?

You don't see the difference between what David Feherty and what Wanda Sykes said?

Feherty, for those who missed the story, suggested that if you gave any US soldier a gun and put him in an elevator with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Osama Bin Laden, Pelosi would be shot twice and Reid and Bin Laden would be strangled to death. (By the way, Lupica--Pelosi was right when she said that was insulting to the troops. That you don't understand why says loads more about you than her.) As a result, there are people calling for Feherty to lose his job. Lupica excuses Feherty's words, not completely, but a bit by noting that Feherty is an advocate for injured soldiers. Whoopty freaking do. There's a lot of us. That doesn't give you license to suggest that the military is made up of Republican wingnuts who would frag the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader of the Senate given the opportunity. I dare say 90% of the population of the US would shoot Bin Laden, given the chance. I'd at least try to wing him and collect the reward. I could just about buy a house with that kind of money.

Sykes, of course, went off on Rush Limbaugh at the White House Correspondents Dinner Friday, calling him the 20th highjacker too looped on Oxycontin to make his flight, and saying "Rush Limbaugh hopes the country fails? I hope his kidneys fail, how 'bout that?" Tacky? Tasteless? Sure. Any worse than the sort of crap Limbaugh says on his show on any given day? Not even close.

Feherty suggested that soldiers would kill Pelosi and Reid given the chance. Sykes wished Limbaugh would have to go on dialysis--kidney failure isn't necessarily fatal, after all. Feherty linked prominent Democrats with Osama Bin Laden and suggested soldiers hated them equally--depending on how you look at shooting Pelosi twice. One could argue he thinks they'd hate her more than either Reid or Bin Laden; it's not very clear. Sykes suggested Limbaugh was in cahoots with Bin Laden. At worst that's a push. Feherty aimed his comments at people who not only have real responsibility, but who also have to deal with death threats from political extremists. Sykes aimed hers at a radio talk show host who routinely spouts invective far more incendiary than anything Sykes said last night.

In short, Lupica, the fact that one statement took place in a magazine interview and the other at the White House Correspondents Dinner isn't the difference in context you think it is. The difference is in the target and the outcome, and it's yet another shining example of how conservatives just don't get comedy.

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