Oh please please please

Let Florida's Republican party follow the path laid down by the national party and start purging anyone they consider remotely moderate. That would be awesome. Ftom the Plumline, here's an attack ad from Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio on Governor Charlie Crist--both are running to replace Mel Martinez in the US Senate.

I understand why Rubio is doing this--Crist has a lot more name recognition and his favorables are still relatively high, though they've dropped in recent months (as have most governors' ratings)--and Rubio certainly can't run to Crist's left in the Republican primary. But if he can eat into that massive lead that Crist will open with, if he can drag Crist right, that might move this race from difficult-to-win to possible. Florida's not a conservative state; it's a divided one, fiercely divided, with lots of hardened partisans on both sides, and it'll be interesting to see if Rubio can convince enough of the hard-right that it would be better to go for the Senate seat with one of their own and possibly lose than have a squishier Crist almost certainly win.

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