Deep Breaths, Guys

I will concede to the folks at Riptide that selling the naming rights to Dolphin Stadium isn't necessarily a good thing--I am not a fan of the practice in general, and in most cases, refuse to call stadiums by their new brand names. Denver's football stadium is still Mile-High, San Francisco will always have Candlestick Park, and Miami still has Dolphin Stadium, even if it is probably going to be renamed after a crappy beer.

But seriously, this isn't the end of the world. St. Louis has had a stadium named after a crappy beer company since 1966, and it hasn't hurt the Cardinals any. Unless part of the deal is going to make it so that Land Shark Lager is the only beer you can drink at Dolphins Stadium, it won't be a terrible problem. It really is a horrible beer, though--the clear glass bottles are the tip-off. Any beer is going to go bad quickly in clear glass, and I doubt the trip for Land Shark is terribly long.

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