A Harvard Professor is so upset by the fact that Notre Dame University invited President Obama to give the commencement address that she's declining a medal of her own.

Ms. Glendon’s letter characterized the university’s decision to award an honorary degree to President Obama as disregarding a 2004 request by American bishops that Catholic institutions “not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles.” She expressed concern that Notre Dame’s decision could have the “unfortunate ripple effect” of inspiring other Catholic colleges to similarly choose to disregard the bishops’ guidelines.
The fundamental moral principle that Ms. Glendon is upset over is a woman's right to choose. But it's not like Glendon has an awful lot of room to talk when it comes to taking positions in opposition to the Church.
Ms. Glendon ... was one of 60 prominent American scholars who in 2002 signed a letter defending the nation’s “war on terror” as “not only morally permitted, but morally necessary.”
Would that be the same war on terror that extended itself to Iraq? How did the last Pope feel about that? Would that be the same war on terror that has involved the torture of detainees? I think the current Pope has some problems with that.

It seems to me that Notre Dame, whether it intended this or not, actually did a good job in balancing their commencement ceremony by acknowledging that the world is made up of people who aren't exactly consistent with the Church's position on things. President Obama believes that women have the right to choose their own medical care and that family planning is an important part of modern life, while Ms. Glendon feels that the "War on Terror" is justified. But while the President doesn't seem to have a problem sharing a stage with someone who disagrees with him, Ms. Glendon does--and he's not even the Catholic on the stage.

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