You know it's bad when...

your push poll questions don't get you the answers you were looking for.

From the Republican network's latest poll (via Matt Corley):
"Do you think the federal government should increase taxes on the wealthiest individuals so that nobody gets to be too rich?"

Now, there's a reasonable policy debate to be had over the efficacy of raising the top marginal rate back to where it was when the economy was strong. But I can't recall anyone in a position of influence ever suggesting a tax policy to prevent Americans from becoming "too rich."

But the really funny part is that the question may have been too subtle for poll respondents -- 40% of Americans think it's a good idea to use the tax code to prevent people from getting "too rich." Better yet, nearly one in four Republicans agrees.
Maybe the poll question was too subtle, maybe it's just telling that lots of people are tired of the ridiculous divide between rich and poor in this country. Don't get me wrong--I'm not advocating for an income cap (though I do think some higher tax rates at the very highest levels aren't a terrible idea)--but is it really so difficult to think that a large percentage of the country isn't tired of seeing stories about how wealthy people are feeling the economic pain as well? Look, if you're not in danger of missing a meal or sleeping in the park, then you're not really feeling the economic pain, okay? Let's keep some perspective here.

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