We like to rock the party!

We saw Flight of the Conchords live tonight at the Bank United Center on the University of Miami campus. I am currently sporting my "Band Meeting" t-shirt which I got at the show and paid too much for, but am glad to have anyway. I figure the fact that we didn't have to pay for parking made up for the cost of the t-shirt a little.

We had seats on the floor, about 15 rows back, but unfortunately, the only pictures we were able to take were with our phones, which means they're basically unintelligible. Still, the show was great, with Kristin Schaal opening. Never seen her do stand-up before, but she was good. I hope the Daily Show continues to use her and starts using her more.

I don't have a set-list, but they did a nice mix of songs from seasons 1 and 2, as well as some songs I'd never heard before. There was also an addition to the band, a cellist named Nigel(?) who they introduced as the New Zealand Philharmonic Orchestra. When they mentioned they had another member, the crowd yelled "Murray!" and Bret and Jemaine seemed a bit surprised by it. Lots of interaction with the crowd, including an acoustic version of "Sugarlumps" which ended with them coming out into the crowd to dance with the ladies.

The highlight of the night was "Business Time," which along with "Albi the Racist Dragon" were the only ones they really got the crowd to sing along with.

Only song they didn't play that I really wanted them to was "Boom King," and there were lots of calls for "Hiphopapotamus and Rhymenocerous," though the rap fans were pleased with the inclusion of "Mother 'Uckers." The setlist seemed to be in flux a little--they played "Bowie" on the spur of the moment, and had the red toy piano out but didn't play "If You're Into It."

Have I geeked about this long enough? Great show--about two hours of Bret and Jemaine, funny as hell. Traffic leaving was a beast until we were out of the parking lot and then was fine. Great time in Miami.

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