That was my first reaction on reading this story about a California woman who was just sentenced to six years in jail for killing another woman in a car accident. Vengeful, you say?

Shasta County prosecutor Stephanie Bridgett said the 49-year-old woman had paid several bills by cell phone in the moments before the crash.

She was in the middle of one of those transactions when she struck a vehicle that burst into flames, killing 46-year-old Petra Winn.
It's the banality of it all that irks me so badly. I don't even like talking on my phone while driving, even if I've got an earpiece in and I don't have to worry about switching hands so I can shift--I don't like the distraction. And down here in Florida, where stupid, aggressive, and old all combine for one of the worst driving experiences in the US, I can still pick out the idiots talking on a mobile phone at a couple hundred yards.

But texting? Actually taking your eyes off the road to look at a screen while driving? Paying bills? That goes beyond irresponsible straight into reckless, and in this case, it led to another person's death. Six years in jail for that might not have been enough.

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