First things first--I'm not turning this into a poetry blog, links from Ron Silliman notwithstanding. I'm still primarily blogging about poetry at my personal site, and if you look at the post count there, you'll see I do it irregularly at best.

That said, I am the Poetry Editor at The Rumpus, so it's my job to push poetry whenever possible, especially during National Poetry Month. So here's what we're doing.

We're publishing original poems this month--this is a little frightening, to be quite frank, because we're doing it on the fly.

We're also doing a feature we call "A Poem I Love," where working writers are doing short write-ups of poems with links to said poems. It'll be a great way to discover new poets and old. I hope. I'll have a link to that as soon as the first one goes up.

So join us over there for the poetry, and stay for the other great stuff--like The Last Book I Loved or our comic, "Truth Serum", Rick Moody's "Swinging Modern Sounds or our book reviews, our interviews or our original pieces. Lots to read there, and it's all good.

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