How does this work again?

Michael Chertoff--who can rot in hell forever for his role in letting New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf Coast drown after Katrina--said something else really stupid yesterday.

Michael Chertoff, former homeland security secretary, told FOX News the release gives terrorists advanced notice of what to expect during interrogation.
Hmmm. President Obama has made it illegal for the CIA and anyone else to use the techniques that were used under the Bush administration, and which were detailed in that Red Cross report. Preparing for those techniques--assuming one could prepare for them in the first place--would therefore be a waste of time.

No, Chertoff is simply trying to deflect attention away from the potential liability he faces in this whole sordid affair. He wants to be able to travel abroad and knows that unless the Obama administration backs him and his fellow enablers, that might not be possible. He doesn't want to be sitting in the Hague one day, and there's currently no guarantee of that. So instead he tries to turn this into a discussion of national security, even though his argument makes absolutely no logical sense.

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