Dumb Metaphor of the Day

Timothy Egan has a middling piece in the NY Times wherein he argues that Barack Obama is way more liberal than the country, and marvels that the country doesn't care more. My response to that claim is that the country has long been more liberal, at least on individual issues, than the media likes to claim it is, and that the liberal/conservative divide right now is overshadowed by the extraordinary times brought on in large part by the incompetent former President and his party. President Obama is thoughtful and competent, and so the public is giving him the benefit of the doubt for the time being.

But then Egan goes and says this:

The gap is there because the Republican Party has shrunk to a raisin of its former self, baking in the sun of the old Confederacy.
A raisin in the sun? Seriously? You're going to use one of the iconic metaphors of the African-American fight for civil rights, initiated by Langston Hughes and given even greater prominence by Lorraine Hansberry to describe the shrinking of the Republican party into a southern, regional party? Talk about appropriation.

It's also just lazy writing--drying up like a raisin in the sun is now, thanks to the popularity of Hughes' and Hansberry's work, clich├ęd. It's a tired comparison, and in a language as rich as English, it shouldn't be difficult to find something more apt or original. You get paid to write--earn your keep.

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