Dear Crappy Teacher,

People like you make my life worse.

I'm one who believes it's never too late. Even with just a final looming, I'm more interested in the strength of my students at the end of the semester than at any other time. My classes are often pre-reqs, and if they can do a great job on the cumulative final - even if they blew it earlier on - than[sic] I'm prone to moving them along. Anything else is just unfair.
No. What's unfair is when teachers like you teach kids that they're able to pull it out at the last second, and then I get to not only be frustrated all semester by their lack of effort (and see them drag down the students who actually put forth some effort), but then I get to hear them whine when they fail my classes. I get to watch my email inbox fill up with requests for an improved grade (that they didn't earn) because they reallyreallyreally need to pass or it'll put them back in getting into their major classes.

I wish I knew who you really were, dear teacher, because I'd send you a bill for the booze I go through dealing with the crappy students you passed on to me, the little snowflakes whose already inflated sense of self-worth was pumped up to weather balloon proportions by your willingness to let them slide by at the end of a term. Thanks a whole freaking lot.

P.S. Great work on mixing up "then" and "than." My freshmen do that one all the time too.

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