You tell them Joe

Joe Biden drives me absolutely crazy sometimes, but that time is not right now.

At an event at Union Station this afternoon, Biden strongly defended the government subsidies that go to the nation’s rail system and said he was “tired of apologizing for help for Amtrak.”

“Every passenger rail service system in the world relies on subsidies. We subsidize our highways and airports more than we subsidize Amtrak. So let's get something straight here. Amtrak has not been at the trough. Amtrak has been left out. Amtrak has been left out much too long, in my humble opinion,” said Biden, who boasts he has taken over 7,000 round trips on Amtrak between Delaware and Washington, D.C.
Yes, yes and yes. If anything, the $1.3 billion we're putting into Amtrak isn't enough. Ten times, a hundred times that much perhaps, in order to get Amtrak their own rails, high speed rails. There's no reason the US can't have trains that top 200 mph connecting major cities. We're not having to invent anything new to make it happen--other countries have done it for decades. Why not us?

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