On the train to campus this morning, listening to my iPod (after watching the Rachel Maddow podcast, of course) and I was in the mood for something a little bouncy. Perfect for the Genius function, right? So I scan my interminable list of songs and come up with Outkast's "Hey Ya." Stop laughing. It's the list that followed that really boggled me.

1. Hey Hey What Can I Do--Led Zeppelin
2. The Ballad of John and Yoko--The Beatles
3. Squeeze Box--The Who
4. Strange Brew--Cream
5. Honky Tonk Woman--The Rolling Stones
6. Hey You--Pink Floyd
7. Roundabout--Yes
8. Into the Mystic--Van Morrison
9. Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress--The Hollies
10. You Better You Bet--The Who
11. Lay Lady lay--Bob Dylan
12. Dyer Maker--Led Zeppelin
13. Smoke Two Joints--Dogma
14. Sting Me--The Black Crowes
15. Plush--Stone Temple Pilots
16. Keep Talking--Pink Floyd
17. Magic Bus--The Who
18. Wrapped Around Your Finger--The Police
19. Typical Situation--Dave Matthews Band
20. Been Caught Stealing--Jane's Addiction
Not that I mind a classic rock list--it's just that I wasn't expecting it when I played Outkast.

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