Amy and I have written about the Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg prizes here in the past--they're very generous prizes that started up five years ago and are having a tremendous impact on the world of poetry simply because of the amounts of money involved. The Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Memorial Fund has given out upwards of $650K in the last five years, and for poets, that's a big deal, since most of us are fairly broke most of the time.

Earlier this year during some other correspondence with Mary Rosenberg, who manages the contest, I asked her for an interview for The Rumpus, and the result is here. I found her to be generous and thoughtful--just the kind of person I want running a contest I'm entered in. She's the kind of person who looks for reasons to like a poem as opposed to dismiss it, and maybe that has something to do with the fact that she's not really interested in creating a legacy for herself in the poetry business. At the end of our interview, she wrote (because we did this via email) "Encouragement is what it’s all about on my side: faith and persistence on theirs [contest entrants]." Even if I hadn't done the interview, I'd recommend the interview.

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