Prop 8 Battle Continues

At some point this week, the California Supreme Court will hear the latest argument over Prop 8's constitutionality.

The stakes are high — for the 18,000 couples who married while same-sex weddings were legal, for gay marriage opponents who object on religious grounds and for others who are deeply divided on the issue. And whatever the court decides is likely to have ramifications not only for millions of Californians but also for other states grappling over gay marriage.
Just to be clear here--the stakes are only high for one of those groups: the folks who got married during the period while same-sex marriage was legal. If Prop 8 is overturned by the California Supreme Court, Prop 8 supporters won't see their lives change significantly. They won't have their families torn apart, won't have the state telling them that they have fewer civil rights than their fellow citizens or that their relationships are worth less than hetero- relationships are.

So let's not pretend like the two sides are equal in terms of this outcome, okay? Opponents of same-sex marriage have never had anything at stake in this debate--their entire argument is based in selfishness, in the idea that "we have something and we don't want you to have it," which is a bit odd since Prop 8 supporters tend to come from those groups which so loudly bleat about how they're the true followers of the guy who preached generosity and equality and never said a word about homosexuality.

So I'll have my fingers crossed on this case. California Supreme Courts have apparently tossed out "a handful of voter-approved measures because they were significant revisions that needed prior legislative approval" in the past, so it's not like this action would be unprecedented (though Prop 8 supporters would undoubtedly claim it is), but there's a wide gulf between might and will, and I'll relax when we get to the latter.

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